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Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Did you know…A BOP (business owner’s policy) can include all of the coverages you need at a discounted premium that’s much lower than what you’d pay if you purchased those coverages separately?

With a strong commercial insurance policy backed by one of our many financially sound and top rated insurance companies, you can ensure that the success of your business hinges on its merits—not on chance. Don’t let bad luck stand in the way of your company’s growth and survival.  Get a free quote on commercial insurance now.

The insurance needs of a small-, mid- and large-sized business are as unique and dynamic as the business itself. As your business develops and reinvents itself to adapt to challenges and opportunities within your market, our commercial insurance policies give you liability protection, peace of mind and room to grow. At JMR Insurance, we offer a wide range of services that can be bundled for significant discounts or fully customized policies to meet your specific needs.

Like a homeowner’s policy, a BOP is a standard package of insurances that provides the coverage required for a specific industry, including:

  • Property Insurance – Protects your storefront, outdoors signs, furniture and equipment and your inventory
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Similar to income replacement insurance; reimburses you for lost profits and expenses if you have to close for repairs caused by a disaster
  • Casualty or Liability Protection – Protects you from liability if customers or others are injured on your premises or if you or your employees are found legally
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Provides insurance for vehicles used for business purposes, such as delivery trucks and company cars.
  • Workman’s Comp – provides compensation medical care for employees who are injured in the course of employment
  • Employee Benefits – provides flexible options including health, dental, life, 401k, disability that meets your company’s budget without sacrificing the goal of providing comprehensive benefits.  Click here for a Group Health Quote

Optional coverages can be added and we can design a comprehensive commercial insurance policy that will cover all of your bases and save you money.  Call us today for your free custom built plan.

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