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Health and Dental Insurance

Did you knowgroup health insurance in the state of Arkansas is guaranteed issued?

The changing landscape of American healthcare is giving many individuals & employers cause to reconsider their health insurance options. At JMR Insurance, we want to see our clients get the best coverage for their money—whether they choose group health insurance, private health insurance or any other plan that offers health and/or dental insurance.

While each situation merits careful review of your health insurance options, there are some general pros and cons for individual and group health insurance plans.

Individual & Family Insurance Benefits

At JMR Insurance we represent carriers with coverage to individuals and their families who reside in Arkansas and are under the age of 65 with Medicare.  With the freedom of the individual market, we’ll build exactly what you need for a price you can afford.

  • Choose your own deductible $500 – $10,000
  • Doctor co-pays
  • RX card with minimum co-pays
  • Major Medical Coverage
  • Optional maternity

Looking for a health or dental insurance plan that fits your specific needs? We can help you fill the gap without breaking the bank. To find out how we can save you money on health benefits and dental coverage, fill out our free online quote request form.

Group Health Insurance / Employer Benefits

We understand your concerns with bottom line cost and the need to attract and retain quality employees in order to grow.  This why at JMR Insurance, we will sit down with you and design a flexible plan that meets your company’s budget without sacrificing the goal of providing comprehensive benefits.  As an independent insurance agency, we will shop all available markets thus saving you time and money, that’s our goal!

  • Flexible and tailored plans
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 12 month lock rates
  • Primary & Specialist Co – Pays
  • Catastrophic protection
  • No Pre-existing Conditions, with proof of previous coverage
  • Tax advantages

Once your plan in place, that is when the real service begins.  At JMR Insurance will communicate with your company and keep you informed of any possible savings ensuring we always have the best package for the best available price.  We also make sure that your employees understand their new benefits so they can use and not abuse the coverage you are providing form them and their families.  This helps us control future cost by keeping our claims down. Now that we have saved you money, let us save you time.  As with all clients, we can administer the day to day activities for you or even train someone for you.  We are as flexible as the plan we can design.

Whether you’re a family own business of two or a nationwide employer of several hundred, we are your business solutions.  We also service Group Health, 401k, Dental, Accident, Disability, LTC and several other products for your company.  Be sure to let us know what other products you and your employees are interested in when you complete our Group Health online quote request.

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